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StreamPWND! is a fun, player and viewer centered, gamified audience engagement platform.


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StreamPWND! allows viewers to build their collective gamerGenome & viewerGenome profile, connect their game and merchandise identities, and interact against interactive challenges (monsters, creatures, characters) that are active in-stream, on the background, not disturbing the experience, and gain immediate rewards and long term cooperative crypto coins: your time as viewer (movies, videos, gameplays, TV series) and skill as a gamer and consumer worth!

StreamPWND! is completely based and drive influence from the community, involves gamers, consumers, merch dealers, game studios and developers in the process of building and extending its capabilities.


By logging your various game identities, in addition to getting rewarded, we get to map your Game/Stream Genome.

Boss Monster

For each stream, there is a Boss monster, that release a periodical wave of destruction. Each strike you make using your champions, release automatically an attack on the boss as well.

SKL Tokens

Tokens drop when you beat a champion, receive it from a boss creature, or connect more game identities to your account

Gamers Genome

The Gamers Genome captures main data points relevant not only to the gamer, but also the developer and the streamer.

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Q4/2018 - Q2/2019

Developing Alpha & Beta Versions


Launch Official Version


Final Release



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Alicia Roisman Ismach

Serial Fintech Entrepreneur

Founded Seergate, launching the first real time account to account banking payments platform in the US and Africa. Member of the Technology Committee of Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the Founders Café in Israel and Canada and consultant to Fintech and blockchain companies.

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Tsahi Liberman

Award Winning Game Developer & Designer

Have led team from small scale as indie studios to massive teams, including developers, artists and game designers. Tsahi is the international relations leader for the Israeli game industry, keynote speaker and an author in the field of social change and educational games. Tsahi is also an avid gamer, past DOTA player, which still plays every day and attend game conference around the world.

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Sharon Haneim

Entrepreneur, Legal & BD Advisor

Former Founder and VP Business Development of Praxell, a financial technology company in the US, Sharon has extensive experience as legal and business development advisor to technology startups and corporations.

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You can use our registration form HERE we will receive your information, and send you a unique invitation to our pre-alpha version and our telegram group, so we would be able to hear from you what is best for the community, your community!
Ever watched a stream and thought to yourself, i wish i was good like those guys? ever been frustrated of not being noticed in a twitch or mixer stream? ever been a hardcore gamer and then entered to view a stream and said to yourself - "Hey, my skillz and time worth something! Well, you worth a great deal, in StreamPWND, the power is in your hand. fight other viewers' champion squads, defeat streamers and merch dealers own guardians and boss monsters, collect rewards, coupons, and wrap all with a crypto token that reflects your own time and skill investment! come join us, and register today, its easy!
Well, easy, open twitch, mixer (and in the near future Youtube), browse for our extension , install it, and there you go! setup your own profile, connect your game identities like discord, google play, xbox live, reddit and more to gain more in-game rewards and coins, select your champions squad genre and characters and set them on their path of destruction on other viewers of the streams, streamers, merch dealers and who knows what else!!
Well, thats a great question. First due to GDPR we can't. Secondly, your data is analyzed for your own great benefit since we build for you your own Gamer Genome Map and Viewer Genome Map, adjusting challenges, streams, rewards and token suitable especially for your own skills, taste in games and personality. whats better than that? we dont give your data to any 3rd party organization, we are here for you and for the community and your interest is above all else.

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